Welcome to my world of greatness. Below are links to take you down the rabbit hole.

Thoughts, stories, reviews, life…

Karolina Kraken: This is for my storefront and future whiskey channel.

My Future Home (AKA a Super Sweet Sailing Catamaran): Multiple topics related to purchasing our perfect catamaran (or perfect enough for the money – Current highest priority. Partially Complete

Buccaneer 250: Our training wheels sailboat. This will be an ongoing page to document our time with the boat, both good and bad. – Live page, will have dated updates and photos. — Updated 5/25/2024

The View of the Davibo: Unpopular Opinions and Wrestling topics have been started, more to come. – Will be regularly updated.

Things I Enjoy: And probably shouldn’t. – Coming soon.

The Monsters: Our terrifying pets. Logan, the Dragon and Lady MacBeth, the Snek – Photos have been added, may add videos.

Reviews: Links to reviews on Whiskey, non-whiskey alcohols, burgers, and more stuff coming soon.

Blog: Daily-ish life of me and stuff. – Currently Blank

Karolina Kraken Store: This is a storefront for my Karolina Kraken brand and Davibo.com. – Barely started, but shirts are available!

Old Stuff: Poorly written stuff from my youth. – Done.

Mireyaville.com Here’s a link to my wife’s page.

Privacy Policy: Guess you have to have one.