Catamaran Future

My Wife and I intend to buy a 40 to 45 foot sailing catamaran in the future and sail off on beautiful adventures. The only thing stopping us is money. We don’t have any.

Our current plan is to pay off all debt, save what we can, and then sell off everything we own to purchase a decent cat. Yeah, we’re probably not getting top of the line unless we hit the lotto.

We are currently working on our “training” sailboat, a Buccaneer 250, so we can learn, gain experience, and fill out our ASA logbook. You can read about that here.

I’ll be adding what we’re looking for, and why. I’ll try to show you our thoughts on this whole process and what we think would work best for us. We have a plan (mostly) on how to accomplish our ultimate goal and will gladly share it.

I will add a way to comment and/or communicate with us directly in the future.

Here are some topics that we will explore:

Learning to sail / gaining experience — Mostly Ready

Money now to save in the future — Mostly Ready

Ideal size catamaran for us (couple sailing) — Mostly Ready

Upfront cost for money saving features (solar, electric engines, etc.) — Mostly Ready

Quality vs Price — not ready

Used vs New — not ready

Sailing in our 50s (wish it was sooner) — not ready

Our favorites — not ready