An Inconvenient Truth

As written during original viewing.

The first ten minutes is all about Al Gore without really even mentioning the environment…

The futurama episode was a nice touch.

He’s using a lot of examples that are pretty good.

Ut oh, here we go from on more of the Al Gore show.

I don’t mean to sound cold hearted, but I don’t understand what Al Gore’s son being hit by a car and nearly dying has to do with global warming (An Inconvenient Truth).

And we’re still talking about his life (albeit his life in “protecting the environment”).

Very good Hurricane Katrina visuals on how it formed and explained well.

Time for shocking videos of Katrina victims.

I can totally see how this section on how Al Gore lost in Florida has to do with global warming. Especially how he’s showing he doesn’t think he lost. That has global warming written all over it!

This is like a documentary of how an Inconvenient Truth became to be, inside the documentary an Inconvenient Truth! This is like when in Spaceballs they watched the Spaceballs movie to see where the good guys were. WTF?

Good to know where he totaled his family car when he was a kid. Sweet, family history time!

Al Gore went to the north pole in a nuclear sub? No really, he did. He showed pics.

This is so aggravating! He makes a few really good points and gives very good examples, then he goes to show how he’s the only one that gets it. I understand the need to show how a lot of people in politics haven’t supported the environment, but he makes it sound like no one else has. It’s Al Gore against the world!

This is what I should be seeing. This part about Anartica is very good. He’s showing what’s happening and why. And Greenland too. This is very informative.

Al Gore in China… This looked like it was going to start out informative, but really went nowhere.

Briefly touched on the population growth.

Another nice set of examples and teaching.

Back to the Al Gore show. And we learn that his sister died of lung cancer from smoking and that his family grew tobacco. At least he pieced this one to how people aren’t doing what they should with the environment until it hits them too late.

And again it’s only Al Gore fighting the good fight. I wonder what Ralph Nader thinks of this movie.

Another good section about cars, the auto industry, and how various things can help change the effect of what’s happening to the environment.

And we end with Al Gore telling us to help change.

Okay, this is an okay documentary on Global Warming and helping to save the environment, but there are many better ones out there. If Al Gore gives you a hard-on, this is probably for you. If you don’t like Al Gore, this is going to piss you off. If you have no opinion of Al Gore, you’ll be wondering why the hell half the movie was either about Al Gore or about making the movie that you’re WATCHING!

This was a bit self-indulgent. I now understand the South Park episode about Al Gore and his Man-Bear-Pig. I’m actually surprised by how much of this movie is about Al Gore and not the environment. I guess it was supposed to be more about him than I thought, but the name and positioning made me think it would be much more about our planet.

If you’re interested in global warming and the changes to the global environment, I have two suggestions on what to watch instead of this. The first is Global Warming: What You Need to Know. Tom Brokaw narrates this documentary that was on the Discovery Channel and is much more informative and the entire two hours was devoted to the environment. The second is the very good The 11th Hour dvd. Leo Dicaprio narrates this dvd and can be bought for about 5 bucks (i found mine at Best Buy.)