Unpopular Opinions

I’ll make a list.

Big Bang Theory is dumb. – “Oh you don’t get it.” Everyone gets it. That’s why it was popular. Lowest common denominator at its best. Every now and then I’d chuckle. It’s nerdy, but dumb. I like nerdy stuff. “Oh, you’d love Big Bang Theory”. Nope. Modern comedies that are good don’t bother with laugh tracks. Big Bang Theory needed it.

Boba Fett is a bitch. While I appreciate they have done everything possible to try to make Boba Fett better with The Mandalorian and The Book of Fett, he got taken out by a blind man and fell into a hole.

NewDiversity is our Strength… Our similarity is our Bond. I have no real issue with the whole “Diversity is our strength” mantra. In a lot of ways, it’s true. Differing views of how the world works gives you fresh insight into the world. However, it can’t be diversity alone. That will only take you so far. Ultimately, the human race has a lot of similarities that allow us to empathize with our fellow man. It bonds us together and makes us look out for one another. There is a huge lack of talk about our similarities out on social media. Is this done purposely? Probably. People being kind to one another doesn’t get clicks.

Global Warming isn’t behind most natural disasters. “Natural Disasters” are often due to man made problems. Those problems that we made are because we think we can control the earth, the weather, and everything else. Flooding in the midwest destroys countless homes and hundreds died. Is that global warming? Climate Change? Humans building dams and dykes, then trying to live on land that was meant to have flooded plains…

Nuclear Power is the way to go. You may want more solar, wind, and hydro, but you’re doing a lot of damage to the earth. These kill animals, aren’t very reliable (except hydro), and often involve either slave labor and/or child labor in 3rd world countries. Shame on you. Nuclear is clean and plentiful.

Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time. You could call him the GOAT. I’m a Steelers fan. It’s not like he’s my favorite player. However, the only way to say he’s not the greatest is to just be a hater. Hate on, haterman. Hate on. Tom Brady = GOAT