My God Can Beat Up Your God

Let’s have a nice, one-sided discussion about religion! Don’t worry, it’ll be fun. At this end of this you may be thinking I’m anti-religion or atheist, but I assure you I’m not.

Let’s start off easy, with the basics of all religions. Jesus. Muhammad. Buddha. Moses. John Smith. And whoever else preached a discipline or started a religion. What do they all have in common? God. Different God? Nope.

The basic idea of religion is supposed to be to teach about God. In the teachings of God, people are supposed to learn their values, morals, and so forth. What religion has become is a very perverted ideal of what religion should be.

Unfortunately, people have always been corrupt and most religions were corrupt from the start. And hey, why not? It’s all that more easy to rule if God is on your side.

But past those problems, I have problems with the people in the church. Going to church doesn’t mean you’re going to Heaven. So many people go to church for the wrong reasons anyway, it’s really in poor taste. If you’re going to church to socialize, or because it’s good for business, you’re a hypocrite. If you’re going to church to meet a good man/woman, you’re a hypocrite. I know you’re thinking I’m wrong about that one, but in truth I’m very much right. Church is for learning about and praising the Lord, not finding your dream girl.

Then there are the people that must think God is dumb. Example you want? Sure thing! If you get saved (accept Jesus Christ into your heart and all that), all you have to do is ask for forgiveness and God will let you into Heaven when you die. Sound familiar? Of course, that’s what they preach. Hey, let’s keep it simple like that because everyone likes it easy.

Why is that wrong though? If I tell you that I’ll forgive you for anything you do as long as you ask for forgiveness and you steal a quarter from me everyday and then later ask for forgiveness, you’re forgiven. Simple right? Except that after a short amount of time I’d realize that you were taking advantage of my generosity, become angry and that deal would be off.

God wouldn’t do such a thing though. Not God. Even if it does say that God is a vengeful God. No way. God would just let everyone walk all over Him. Why? Because evidently God is stupid. Not my God. My God is omnipotent, all knowing, omnipresent, etc. But your God? He must be stupid.

Wait though; it doesn’t say anything about God doing this and that in the Bible. This is true enough. How big is the Bible? A and B of a set of encyclopedias are more in length and have more information in them. I use that as a comparison because since God would be all knowing, He’d know everything about everything.

What I’m trying to say is this, the Bible is a nice starting point and a nice guidebook, but don’t even begin to think you’ll truly know everything there is to know about God from it. God’s knowledge would be immeasurable and incomprehendable.

I’ve known too many people that partied hard all night Saturday night and went to church still feeling the affects. Hey, they asked for forgiveness though, so surely they’re covered. Right? Too many people think they don’t have to learn their lesson, they just have to ask for forgiveness. It’s dumb.

My God isn’t dumb. And it truly bothers me when people treat God like He is dumb. You don’t even have to think about this much; it’s really common sense.

You’re not a good person because you go to church. You’re a good person because you have morals and do your best to stick to them. I wouldn’t begin to lie and say I’m morally superior to anyone. I’m not. I have more faults than I know what to do with. I have a past that I can’t forgive myself for.

I have been saved. I have been baptized. I do believe in God. I do believe in Jesus. I don’t believe that Jesus is God. Nor do I believe that Muhammad is God. These are merely extraordinary people that either brought us the word of God, or gave us their ideals of right and wrong, then used God’s name to give the world morals. And again, why not use the Lord’s name if it will make people live their life in a good and just way.

For me, I haven’t asked for forgiveness. I don’t deserve forgiveness and I’m not going to ask for it until I do. When I think I’ve done enough good to counter all the bad I know I’ve done, I’ll ask for forgiveness. Until then, I’ll live my life the best I can and not think I should “live my life to the fullest” because that may be fun, but it’s a sure ticket to Hell as well. Have fun there; I may see you there.