Hello Cow... Welcome to my tummy...




Applebee's    -    I ordered the Bourbon Black and Bleu without the mushrooms and mayo. They served it without the taste. I've had better burgers out of a refrigerated machine. I couldn't even taste the bacon on this thing, and it had what looked like two nice strips. The caramelized onions were white and looked very much uncaramelized. I could barely taste the bleu cheese and that stuff is usually strong. It appeared to have the jack cheese on it, but it was too bland to taste also. Easily the worst burger I've had in the last 5 years and probably closer to 10 years. Thank God the soup had some taste. Of course, this is a pity. I really want to go there for a mudslide. On a rating scale of Pontiac Aztek to Dodge Viper, I rate this a Yugo.

Waffle House    -    What's the best thing about Waffle House? Consistency. Pure and simple, there is no better burger that you can get at such a variety of locations and they are all delicious. Besides consistency, what makes them so awesome? Well, their burgers are helped by the awesome hashbrowns. And sure, it's nice that they usually have better service than at any upscale restaurant you'll ever go to. Also, the burger meat is some of the best out there... But let's be realistic here.

It's the bacon. Holy crap do they have good bacon. And they make the bacon properly. It's flattened and fully cooked (crispy). Just tremendous on the bacon side of things. I prefer to get a double with bacon and cheese. Never had a bad burger at Waffle House. Bonus points - served 24 hours a day!